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2012 Audi A4

Futurecars January 14, 2011

2012 Audi A44 2012 Audi A4

The brand manufacturer of generations of executive cars, Audi AG, has nominated for the launch of Audi A4 2012 in the fall of 2011. The audience is on for a surprise in slight changes to the exterior body design on the car, which is slightly revamped for the grand year launch. As far as the performance of the car is concerned, the preview sketch identifies it to be no minor than that of the older generations of the car that have always promised so through their appearance.

2012 Audi A4 has been priced reasonably for the quick responsiveness to turns and smudges and for the exceeding handling of the car. It will be provided with an optional 8-speed automatic transmission, which is likely to affect the performance of the machine. Reliability defined the saga of 2012 A4 with an accessibility of a four year and 50,000 miles guarantee by the company along with roadside assistance. This ensures that the owner is comfortable using the vehicle for the first time. As far as the maintenance is concerned, the previous generations of audi A4 were launched with a maintenance appointment free and therefore, the 2012 A4 Audi is likely to avail similar benefits for the buyers. A 12-year rust warranty is certain to be provided with the purchase of the car as the case had been with the previous cars. This gives the emptor the freedom to consider investing in A4 2012 worthwhile.

Audi has always transcended higher in the catalogue of the safest cars. In terms of safety, the car has to its credit errorless scores that are hard to compete in crash test. This is an added advantage for drivers who opt for cars that are safe to drive in any kind of traffic. Audi A4 2012 comes with different and huge range of airbags, including front and front-seat side airbags and rear-seat side airbags for 360-degree support in times of accidents and other dangerous encounters. It also includes a traction control, antilock brakes and stability control. Having chased down a name in the catalogue of “safest cars of 2009”, the 2012 Audi A4 is the best buy for a safe drive. The power train combination of the Audi A4 2012 is 211-bhp 2.0-liter and 4-cylinder.

The 2012 A4 has an option for the sports package, which includes 18-inch tires, a specialized trim for the interior and a suspension that is sports tuned. The design matches the style quota that the countries lodge with materials that are of the highest possible quality. Although the seats are firm, they can be adjusted or made comfortable especially for long drives. The interior of the 2012 Audi A4 is dominated by leather fastening up of seats, steering wheel at center. The front seat for the driver is heated and the passenger seat is powered. For those who love to listen to music while travelling, the car has a music system that can store six CDs/MP3S and deploy melody to 10 speakers, thereby installing the right effect expected by the person. Audi A4 2012 is starts at $50,000.

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  1. I just traded in my Volkswagen Tiguan for the 2012 A4. Mine looks just like the one in the picture. I was hesitant to buy a 4 cylinder, but this thing really moves. It effortlessly drives to 80 MPH. I have to constantly keep my eye on the speedometer. The only negative I can say is that the power drops after 5,000 RPM. When the APR turbo ECU programming comes available for it, I am looking to get this done to it. Then I can have around 353 lbs of torque. This will put the torque above many V8 powered vehicles on the road. I have a friend who has a 2010 Lexus GS350 with 303 HP and after the chip, my A4 will have a lot more torque than the Lexus puts out. That torque is what pulls the car hard and gives it a high fun factor. I got the 8 speed transmission in mine and it shifts very nice. I am glad I waited all this time for this to come out. I plan to trade our other car in for another Audi in the future.

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