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2012 Ford Explorer

Futurecars April 13, 2011

The 2012 Ford Explorer will now see the introduction of a 4-cylinder engine following on from that of its 2011 predecessor. The explorer’s main framework now shares the basic design featured in the Ford Taurus, coming with a crossover-style uni-body construction.

Ford has long been the biggest name in car manufacture. Realizing that demand from the world is pointing towards luxurious SUVs, they have decided to come up with the latest redesign in the form of the 2012 Ford Explorer.

The Ford Explorer 2012 will feature a three bar grill front with chrome strips. The car itself will be a classic 4 door but will also have the space to allow for up to 7 passengers due to its 3 row seating arrangement along with extremely spacious cargo area. All of these seats can be folded flat to give it that extra room for carrying larger items. The 2012 Ford Explorer comes with tinted glass power windows and will feature an even wider moon roof. Standard such as air conditioning and cruise control are also still present along with several other minor tweaks to the inside of the car.  On the outside of the 2012 Explorer you’ll find standard 17 inch wheel trims with the option of going up to an 18 inch alloy wheel.

2012 ford explorer 2012 Ford Explorer

The dash has been completely updated and has new and improved gauges as well as featuring a touch screen navigation system. Depending on the model that you chose will obviously impact on the kind of mileage that you’ll be able to get out of the new 2012 Ford Explorer, although across the board the Explorer will give you an average of 25mpg on highways.

The Ford Explorer 2012 is obviously a car that is not just meant for your regular trips to the mall, although it’s more than capable of handling them, Ford have made sure it’s got enough features on it, designed specifically for keeping you firmly attached to the road, that you’ll want to take it down some dirt roads the second you get it.

The Explorer 2012 comes with a terrain management system which lets the person behind the wheel select the specific terrain that they are driving on and as such the car will account for the difference in terrain and give an improved performance. There are 2 types of engines available for the 2012 Explorer. The first is a 2 liter turbo 4 cylinder Eco boost which can run up to 275hp. The second is an impressive 6 cylinder (V6) 3.5 liter Eco Boost twin turbo which is capable of producing a massive 340 horsepower for climbing even the toughest of terrain. As standard the 2012 Ford Explorer comes with the ability to switch between 4 wheel drive or standard front wheel drive with full traction control for when things get a little bit slippery. The new ford explorer 2012 comes with a whole host of safety features specifically designed to make sure you stay firmly on the road featuring a 4 disc antilock breaking system, antiskid mechanism and electronic stability controls. The car is also equipped with front and side airbags and an update to the older models anti-theft systems.

The new 2012 Explorer is set to cost all those that want one, around $28,000, which is set to be the base price for all models there is no information about the top end of the price scale just yet. One thing is for certain, with all of the added safety features and traction controls, there will be a lot of people desperate to test out their new 2012 Ford Explorer on the open road.

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