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2012 Toyota Highlander

Futurecars June 5, 2011

One of the things that Toyota fans like most about this company is the great number of choices that it offers to its customers.  Auto fans with a family need a good solution to getting everyone around.  In the past this meant boring minivans that did little more than offer some extra space.  Toyota has been producing what they call a “crossover” for a while now.  The crossover line offers Toyota fans the storage and space available in old minivans with all the style and power that they’ve come to expect from the Toyota brand.  The 2012 Toyota Highlander is set to continue this tradition and prove, once again, why Toyota is so popular in such a competitive auto market.


The 2012 Highlander is the perfect option for those concerned with looks, handling and space.  While some people may want an SUV, others feel the need to settle for the practicality of a minivan.  The Toyota Highlander 2012 line is here to offer a solution to both desires with their latest crossover.  Bringing Toyota fans all the options that they demand, the 2012 Highlander is available in both front and all wheel drive.  The front wheel drive is slightly more economical while the all wheel drive model is perfect for people who enjoy the freedom of a sports utility vehicle.  The normal model comes in a gas powered format but for those who are also eco-conscious, Toyota is offering a 2012 Highlander that comes in a gas-electric hybrid model as well.

2012 Toyota Highlander close 1024x682 2012 Toyota Highlander

Aesthetically speaking, the 2012 Toyota Highlander doesn’t make a very large departure from last year’s models.  Toyota has done a nice job of blending the stylistic sensibilities of both an SUV and a minivan with the design of a more expensive luxury vehicle.  From the front, the Highlander 2012 looks a bit like some of the other SUVs on the market.  A look at the side, however, reveals a longer body which is reminiscent of luxury minivans.  This basic package can be upgraded with a number of different trim packages starting with the basic standard model and moving up to the 2012 Toyota Highlander Limited which comes with beautiful leather upholstery and some added chrome in a few key places.


While the exterior of the 2012 Highlander appeals to those Toyota fans who want an attractive ride, it is the interior that separates the Crossover from the SUV or minivan.  While not quite as large as a standard minivan, the Highlander 2012 model has three rows of seats which will comfortably seat seven people.  The storage space tops out at 10.3 cubic feet but the third row of seats can be folded down for extra storage space.  With the third row folded down, the storage capacity expands to 42.3 cubic feet which is very respectable for a mid-sized crossover.


The new 2012 Highlander isn’t all about looks and storage space however.  The crossover line has become known for melding space and comfort with power and performance.  Toyota is offering crossover fans a choice between four cylinder and six cylinder gasoline engines and a gas electric hybrid model as well.  The four cylinder model comes with a 2.7 liter engine that boasts an impressive 187 horsepower with 186 foot pounds of torque.  This should offer Toyota fans an economical option that doesn’t skimp on power.  The six cylinder model, on the other hand, is a 3.5 liter engine and has a very respectable 270 horsepower with 248 foot pounds of torque.


The 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid model is being shipped with a six cylinder engine and is outfitted with electric motors at each axle.  These motors give the 2012 Highlander all wheel drive which is standard on the hybrid model.  While hybrid vehicles are known for having fairly weak engines, the 2012 Highlander boasts an eye opening 280 horsepower which means that this hybrid can compete with its gas powered brothers.  The Hybrid model has a self charging system that allows it to run on electric power alone but can also run on a combination of gas and electric power.  In today’s climate of high fuel costs, a crossover hybrid with this kind of power is a welcome addition to the automotive market.


Toyota fans have come to expect a range of different options and trim packages and the 2012 Toyota Highlander does not disappoint.  The Highlander 2012 models come shipped with all the storage space anyone could want out of an SUV.  With three rows of seats, the 2012 Highlander seats seven people and still has space for groceries.  For crossover fans concerned with performance the Highlander 2012 comes with a choice of different engines which offers all the horsepower they could want from a sports utility vehicle.  The Highlander line has proven to be quite popular among Toyota fans and the 2012 Highlander continues this tradition quite nicely.

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