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The 2013 Honda Civic

Futurecars January 5, 2012

With new car models coming out every year there is bound to be some controversy surrounding one or more of the available vehicles.  This is true for Honda as it has recently received some rather harsh criticism surrounding one of its most popular cars.  The Civic has been a popular member of the Honda family for a few decades now and has been one of the best selling cars for a while.  The problem that Honda has faced, however, is that they haven’t done much to update the Civic since 2005 and fans were complaining that it was a rather boring entry when compared with comparable cars from other companies.  To help remedy this, Honda is pushing forward on its creation of the 2013 Civic.

Unlike most other cars of this type, the Civic has had a fairly diverse fan base.  While most people can appreciate the smooth ride and dependability that the civic comes with, others have taken to tricking out their Civics and turning them into a more affordable sports car.  While the Civic isn’t usually considered to be a very powerful car, it seems that many people are fond of it.  Recent criticisms, however, have centered around the rather boring design of the more recent models.  Some fans and critics have complained that the exterior design is too plain while the interior looked rather cheap.  This is all set to change with the 2013 Honda Civic.

The new Civic is being designed in an effort to bolster the falling popularity of this Honda staple.  Focusing on a more aggressive styling and higher end materials for the interior, the new Honda Civic 2013 model should help win over some of the fans and critics who have been less than impressed by Honda’s recent offerings.  Honda is a reliable company and is one of the biggest auto manufacturers in the world so it’s a safe to say that they know what they’re doing.  Fans of the Civic have been anxiously awaiting the new model and we finally have a bit of information about it.

The styling of the exterior is one of the main focuses for the designers of the 2013 Civic.  In an effort to change what has been termed a boring design, Honda has given the new Civic a much more aggressive and modern look.  While the sedan model has been updated and looks quite nice with modern shapes and lines, the hatchback model looks even sleeker.  Unfortunately for US Civic fans, the hatchback model won’t be coming to the American market place as far as we can see.  This is a bit of a disappointment as the hatchback model would probably do quite well in the US.

The interior of the 2013 Honda Civic has also gotten a makeover.  Where the previous models had what some would call cheap looking materials, the new model looks as modern as ever.  The instrument panel is quite nice and the overall design of the dash fits all of the components quite well.  The shapes and lines of the interior flow into the door panels very nicely and help contribute to a cohesive design.  At first glance, the interior may look a bit complicated, possibly even a bit over worked, but every element has been given its own specific focus and it is clear that the Honda designers are trying their best to create an attractive interior.  The new Civic also comes with plenty of technology including digital screens and other integrations common to cars of this sort.

The engine on the civic was never truly comparable to a muscle car but it has served its purposes rather well.  In keeping with the current trend of creating more eco-friendly vehicles, the engineers at Honda have managed to create an engine which produces 10% less emissions than previous models of this car.  The Civic 2013 hatchback models should come with a 1.8 liter gas engine with the option of a 2.2 liter diesel engine.  These are reportedly the most fuel efficient engines that the Civic has ever run on.  The sedan models should receive comparable engine specs and we are anxious to hear about them when the information is released.

The Civic is easily one of Honda’s most popular cars.  Having sold millions of units since the Civic’s original introduction over 30 years ago, many of these cars are still on the road today.  Despite its popularity, however, there hasn’t been much updating done to it since the last model was released about 5 years ago.  Honda has faced a fair amount of criticism in relation to its last model and is hoping to put that all to rest with the 2013 Civic.  Given its more aggressive styling and attractive interior, the new Civic should calm all complaints and return this car to its place as one of the most popular offerings from Honda.

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